We are TriMas Life Sciences


Our Email Address is Changing

We are in the process of migrating our email addresses to a new, unified domain: firstname.lastname@trimas.com. This transition is aimed at optimizing our communication channels for consistency and enhancing collaboration across our global team.

This change will streamline our communication channels to ensure consistency and allow our TriMas Life Sciences team to work together even more effectively. 

Please note: Only our email address is changing. Our business name(s) and legal entities remain the same.

Emails We Send to You

On October 15th, 2023 at 7pm ET, our new firstname.lastname@trimas.com email addresses will be activated.

Please note: The full first and last name is used in our new email addresses. This may differ from the shortened name format used previously.

Emails You Send to Us

Effective immediately, we kindly ask that you direct your emails to firstname.lastname@trimas.com. Please update your records accordingly.

Please note: For a limited amount of time, we will continue to accept emails sent to our previous email addresses to ensure that no communications are lost. However, we strongly encourage you to use our new email addresses moving forward, as this interim functionality will only be in place temporarily.

Email Addresses for Our Customer Care Teams

If you previously worked with our Omega Customer Care Center in Detroit, Michigan, USA, the new email address is DetroitCustomerCare@trimas.com

If you previously worked with our Intertech Customer Care Center in Denver, Colorado, USA, the new email address is DenverCustomerCare@trimas.com

We kindly request you to please update your records.


Who is TriMas Life Sciences?

TriMas Life Sciences consists of our group of leading brands offering complex, precision injection molded components and assemblies to the Life Sciences end market. With engineering expertise and advanced tooling and manufacturing capabilities, TriMas Life Sciences collaborates with clients to deliver safe, compliant and “part perfect” products and components that improve people's lives.

While our TriMas Life Sciences brands remain independent experts within their focused niches, they integrate key activities throughout the process to allow for more effective and faster product launches. From vascular and drug delivery devices to diagnostic and monitoring equipment, surgical instrumentation and orthopedic tools, our dedicated teams can help solve your latest challenges and launch and scale your products to drive the fastest speed to market in the industry.

Leader in high-volume precision injection molding solutions for products and assemblies used in medical, consumer and industrial applications.

Leader in providing low-to-mid volume tooling, precision molding and assembly solutions for medical and industrial applications.