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Our Email Address Has Changed

We recently communicated the introduction of our umbrella parent brand, TriMas Packaging, as well as the announcement that we are transitioning our email addresses to a new, unified domain, firstname.lastname@trimas.com.

This change will streamline our communication channels to ensure consistency and allow our global team to work together even more effectively. To read our previous communication,
please click here. 

Please note: Only our email address is changing. Our business name(s) and legal entities remain the same.

Emails We Send to You

All emails sent to you will now be from our new ‘trimas.com’ email address: firstname.lastname@trimas.com

Please note: The full first and last name is used in our new email addresses. This may differ from the shortened name format used previously.

Emails You Send to Us

Effective immediately, we kindly ask that you direct your emails to firstname.lastname@trimas.com. Please update your records accordingly.

Please note: For a limited amount of time, we will continue to accept emails sent to our previous email addresses to ensure that no communications are lost. However, we strongly encourage you to use our new email addresses moving forward, as this interim functionality will only be in place temporarily.

Email Addresses for Our Customer Care Teams

The list of all our Customer Care Centers around the world and their new email addresses are provided below.

We kindly request you to please update your records.

Americas & LATAM
-  Auburn, Indiana, USA: AuburnCustomerCare@trimas.com
-  New Albany, Ohio, USA: NewAlbanyCustomerCare@trimas.com 
-  Irwindale, California, USA:
-  San Miguel, Mexico: SanMiguelCustomerCare@trimas.com 
-  Indianapolis, Indiana, USA: IndyCustomerCare@trimas.com
-  Detroit, Michigan, USA: DetroitCustomerCare@trimas.com
-  Denver, Colorado, USA: DenverCustomerCare@trimas.com

For all correspondences intended for our recently closed facility in Rohnert Park, California, USA, please use AuburnCustomerCare@trimas.com.

-  Leicester, United Kingdom: LeicesterCustomerCare@trimas.com
-  Neunkirchen, Germany: NeunkirchenCustomerCare@trimas.com
-  Forli, Italy: Forli-info@trimas.com
-  Povolaro, Italy: PovolaroCustomerCare@trimas.com
-  Lodi, Italy: LodiCustomerCare@trimas.com
-  Waalwijk, The Netherlands: WaalwijkCustomerCare@trimas.com

-  Baddi, India: BaddiCustomerCare@trimas.com
-  Binh Duong, Vietnam: BinhDuongCustomerCare@trimas.com
-  Haining, China: HainingCustomerCare@trimas.com


Who is TriMas Packaging?

TriMas Packaging consists of a group of well-established packaging brands supported by talented teams with diverse experiences, backgrounds and expertise from around the world. Together, and backed by our parent company, TriMas, we bring you solutions and competencies to meet your current and future needs.

For more than 100 years, we've proudly embraced our rich history while continuously setting our sights on the future. Our journey has been marked not only by organic growth and the expansion of our facilities but also by strategic acquisitions. Each acquisition has brought its own area of specialization and expertise, empowering us to diversify our product offerings and enter into new markets. Today, we are able to strengthen our position under our parent company, TriMas Packaging. 

Global leader providing innovative  dispenser pumps, caps and closures for over 100 years.

Distinguished innovator of luxury packaging solutions for beauty and lifestyle brands.

Innovators of caps and closures for the food, beverage and industrial markets.




European leader providing innovative dispensing pumps and closure solutions. 

Experts in caps and closures for the home care and personal care markets.

Leading supplier of bag-in-box flexible packaging, dispensing fitments and filling equipment. 




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